Salesmanship…in Dublin


Yesterday we went to the Gate Theatre here in Dublin to see Miller’s Death of A Salesman.  It was most excellent and, get this, all the actors were Irish and for the life of me I would have sworn they were American. No brogues or Dublin accents coming through. It was amazing, but I guess that what makes good actors, good actors. I really felt that I was in  Brooklyn apartment building listening to a tragedy occurring in the flat next door.

To make it a complete night out we ate at Beshoff’s, the premier fish & chipper in Dublin, on O’Connell Street.  We could have gone to an American fast food place on O’Connell Street to keep the Brooklyn theme going…but declined, although we had our cocktail hour at Madigan’s pub on O’Connell Street to satisfy tradesmen.


Last month we were in Great Britain for a few days and I was reminded how in the home of the English language the language is abused and misused. I am referring to  an almost 100 percent incorrect use of the apostrophe for the posessive. Especially in signage but also on menus and similar English language documents. Fish & Chips’, “Ticket’s available here”, etc. I even saw a really lame one, something like this: “refunds’s only with original invoice…”

Sometimes these errors are committed by recent immigrants who start small retail businesses and are ill advised by earlier arrivals who consider themselves to be Arthur Millers.

I bring this up because it was at Beshoff’s that our menu informed us that we could recieve free delivery if we ordered by phone. Here’s the link to Beshoff’s: in case you find yourself hungry on O’Connell Street.  You will note that the Beshoff website uses the apostrophe correctly.


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  1. Ciao Sue X, Well, I am struggling here but should get through the autumn and winter alive. Yes, it seems to be always freezing here, but it’s probably just me feeling my 65 years…ugh. The winters were very cold in Venice, but it seems to me they are only slightly milder here…Also, I am forbidden by my surgeons to drive, meaning I get too much walking, which exhausts me, alas.

    Laurie’s newish book is out “At Sea” and is based upon some people (ex-pats) we knew in Venice but no names can be mentioned, alas.

    Thanks for your messages and enjoy the autumn…

    Howard in Dublin

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