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See the link below to see the ultimate in human stupidity… Advertisements

Yeah, sounds like the name of a dumb US television drama set in a hospital.  Today’s appointment was with a qualified neurosurgeon at the hospital and he literally could have been my son. I put him at 27 years. My daughter Caroline is 32. So how much experience does a 27 year old bring to […]

Interview: Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground Sets the Record Straight I never heard of Mo Tucker or even the Velvet Underground until I came across this article about her politics. I do not know her music, but I like her judgement…  Interview by  Mike Appelstein, Mon., Oct. 18 2010 @ 12:12PM A 1966 Velvet Underground […]

It was a prebooked checkup with a neurologist…but not one of the ones I had met before but rather a “member of the team”. Seems doctors work in teams today. Guess the “team” is following some law firm’s “team’s” advice  to avoid malpractice suits. You know,he said,she said, ecc. To put this into baseball parlance, […]

Saint Maximillian Kolb was Franciscan Friar who exchanged his life for the life of another prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp in World War II. Of course, not all Maxes are named after him. There were Roman Emperors so named, and many others. The popularity of the name has increased, but not due to Father Kolbe’s popularity, […]

Wayne Rooney…


Over-paid and under bred footballer who likes prostitutes, and boozing, a bozo of the highest order. The above link is to a press conference of the Chilean President Sebastian Pinera. Note how well he speaks English. Compare this to US and British “statesmen” who have virtually no language skills. Ciao Howard