It was a prebooked checkup with a neurologist…but not one of the ones I had met before but rather a “member of the team”.

Seems doctors work in teams today. Guess the “team” is following some law firm’s “team’s” advice  to avoid malpractice suits. You know,he said,she said, ecc. To put this into baseball parlance, a team needs a catcher to back up the pitchers- a wicket keeper for you Brits.
This doctor, whom I have never met before, asked me to relate my history. Sheeesh! His team has the records! Don’t think he was the first batter.

As I type this my right arm still hurts. I say it’s the shunt! Godammit! It is my shoulder, after all, I said to myself.
This doctor was the same age as my 22 year old daughter.

The net is that this doctor did not consider the intense shoulder pain I experience daily was in anyway related to the shunt installed in my brain, down my neck, into my guts where it emptied excess brain fluid. Impossible he said. The shunt is sub cutaneous.  Sub this! (I thought.)

But I am getting another MRI. Great…another brain scan in a month. Can’t wait. Then a 4 week delay to get the results. My brain will turn to oatmeal by the time the medicos arrive at a conclusion.
This is all too tedious for words, so I will stop.

So I asked him if it was a coincidence that I was feeling great neck and shoulder pain since the shunt installation.

“No, it’s something else.” “Eat my shorts”, I again said to myself.


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