The young doctors! Now showing!


Yeah, sounds like the name of a dumb US television drama set in a hospital.  Today’s appointment was with a qualified neurosurgeon at the hospital and he literally could have been my son. I put him at 27 years. My daughter Caroline is 32. So how much experience does a 27 year old bring to the table, operating or otherwise? as it were.  Not much, in my opinion. We had a 20 minute session, no answers forthcoming from him, but how could there be given his experience and the fact that he was not the man who installed the VP shunt in the first place? Where is the consistency, dammit? 

The whole point of the visit ws to review the body scan I had done 8 weeks ago to assess if the excruciating pain I was getting was shunt related.  I should have guessed that  the answer would be no, all seems fine on the scan, Dr Youth said.

I left there spiting bullets with no further action discussed. Somehow I was unable to transfer my neck and shoulder pain  (for the past 8 weeks)  to his ledger.  He suggested that  I see an orthopedist.  I blame it on aging, something I swore I would never do. 

Laurie, do we still have that pistol?


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