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But we are making the most of it:.mass and vespers in Notre Dame which is 100 metres from our hotel, Musee d’Orsay, Conciergerie (Marie Antoinette’s prison), good food, tired feet, dinner with friends from Venice who live here. Lunch at Ma Bourgogne (cod risotto, tarte tartin), lots of walking, no shopping, two hats left behind […]

The big news for you who have been boycotting newspapers is that Ireland is so bankrupt that it has to accept billions from the EU to stay afloat.  Up to 100 billion Euros. All due to Irish hubris. Just what we all need, taxpayer money to save the banks.   We all read about the Irish Renaissance when […]

I  refer to the I The Chester Beatty Library in Dublin city. Although we go “into town” fairly regularly, it is to accomplish mundane chores. Our friend Charles Derwent who is an art critic for the Independent Newspaper in London visited us for a few days to cover a Matisse show and while in Dublin we visited […]

When you have a very low population, 4,425,675 Irish people, you do not get economies of scale, i.e., the savings inherent in purchases on a grand scale. You can sell only so many Mercedes, or private jets, or red ink jet cartridges, or so many books by Laurie Graham. And so on. The market is too […]

I don’t know about you, but when I surf I listen to music. And the best way to do so is to tune into a classical station which broadcasts over the internet. The best one I have discovered is WCPE ( which is in Raleigh, N.C., 24 hrs per day. You can surf and listen simultaneously. On […]

How dumb!


“Television is a vast wasteland…” that’s what Newton Minnow, the head of the Federal Communications Commission,  said in 1961. And things ain’t changed. We ceremoneously left our television at a skip in Cambridge 20 years ago and never looked back.   Of course, television today is the main topic in the pages of  newspapers and […]

At least according to a respected theologian…read below from the Daily Telegraph…Harry Potter is ‘Christ-like’ claims theologian…Howard Harry Potter is ‘Christ-like’ claims theologian They are beloved by millions of children and adults alike, but the Harry Potter series has attracted widespread censure from fundamentalist Christians who claim the books encourage witchcraft.  By Auslan Cramb, Scottish […]