Adios Obama….


The results are in, the Dems are out, or will be after the November election, including Obama.

That damn electorate refused to buy in to the Obama big spending scenario:

The trouble with the whole Obama mindset is the notion that government can run the economy. That idea has failed. It is business that runs the economy, including entrepreneurs and risk-takers. Yet the animal spirits have been stifled, while the producers have been laughed at, mocked, and insulted.

The Obama class-warfare campaign against business and investment has created a wall of worry and a refusal to invest in the future. The incentive model of growth, where it must pay more after tax and regulatory costs to work, produce, and invest, has been discarded by Obama’s extreme left-liberal Keynesianism. Predictably, higher costs — including the cost of Obamacare, probably the single-greatest barrier to growth and jobs — have forced the most productive factors in the economy to hole up and virtually shut down.

Thank you, Barack. Now please go home like a good boy and leave government to the party of business, not one of  bureaucrats and amateur economists.  

Bye Bye


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