An amazing museum…in Dublin


Early edition of Mark's Gospel, copy circa 200 ADI  refer to the I The Chester Beatty Library in Dublin city. Although we go “into town” fairly regularly, it is to accomplish mundane chores. Our friend Charles Derwent who is an art critic for the Independent Newspaper in London visited us for a few days to cover a Matisse show and while in Dublin we visited the Chester Beatty Library which doubles as a library and a museum. The Library is right next to Dublin Castle.

Here is the link:  Mr Beatty was a wealthy industrialist with an addiction to collect, especally ancient manuscripts and art. One of the treasures is a page from a handwritten Gospel according to St Mark (above). The single page dates from the early 200’s. Not too long after Mark and Christ himself died.

Beatty also collected early manuscripts and art from the Arab and Hindu world. Thus, Dublin is more than just Guinness,  pubs and nationalistic songs.


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