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Yep, my wife calls me a “deaf ol’ git” because she perceives a hearing loss in me. Probably true and not due to selective listening on my part. So off to an audiologist next week for the test..or is it a hearing?  The ear you see in the photo is not mine…nor does it belong […]

I can’t hear you….it’s been happening for a year or so – partial deafness. Partial in the sense that I have to strain to hear most conversations in which I try to participate. Eavesdropping is hard for me, too.    I have an appointment with an audiologist next week, here in Dublin. I don’t get it. […]

A perfect image of Sarah Palin’s political appeal — both idiosyncratic and powerfully broad — is the governor fixing up a mess of s’mores for the family on her reality show and dedicating the snack to fat-crusader-in-chief, First Lady Michelle Obama: “This is in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should […]

Yes, the Elton and David Show, Parenthood Today!  It’s unclear just who he biological father is, but, I guess, these two do not think it matters. Can’t wait to hear what they name it. Perhaps they should consult with Geldorf and give him a really dumb name. You can be sure the surrogate mother will be revealing […]

It was no fun, but how could it be? Two nurses, one each holding my arms down against a bedside table enabling my spine to curve in the proper arc to satisfy the masochistic neurologist assigned to remove the fluid from my spine with his 7 inch long, half inch wide, needle, or so it […]

Happy Christmas All! The worst winter here in Dublin…guess we are in a new Ice Age. It’s aging me, that’s for sure.  This pic was taken from our 3rd floor office at home. 25 December, 2010. I had to shovel the snow off the steps and path. When I was a kid in upstate NY, […]



About 13 years ago Laurie and I went to a vespers service a Gonville and Caius (pronounced “keys”) College in Cambridge University. It was a nice, quiet and uneventful affair except for one thing. Halfway through the service a ringing began in my ears and it has never gone away. It seems to be a high A (2 […]