About 13 years ago Laurie and I went to a vespers service a Gonville and Caius (pronounced “keys”) College in Cambridge University. It was a nice, quiet and uneventful affair except for one thing. Halfway through the service a ringing began in my ears and it has never gone away. It seems to be a high A (2 octaves above middle C).

I am able to sleep and my opinion is that my hearing is okay, although I have not had it tested yet.  But will do so this week.

The tinnitus at times drives me crazy.  Especially when I think about it, as I am now doing. It is a common malady, caused usually by prolonged exposure to unusually loud noises. This was not my case.

My theory is that it is due to the colloidal cyst (a type of tumour) that was discovered  in my brain when I was in Italy. Surgeons there tried but failed to remove it surgically. Who knows, maybe if they succeeded, I would still have the tinnitus. 

Of course. the cause could lie elsewhere. But almost certainly, it is not related to my ears.

Solutions are to mask it with other noises. But when I do that I hear both the masking noise, e.g., music,  and the tinnitus. Can’t win.

I have a friend in Venice who had brain surgery 15 years ago to remove a large tumour, and when he awoke, he heard a loud rushing sound and has heard it ever since.  We exchange condolences and commiserations.

Will phone an Irish audiologist today for an appointment.

I’ll be ringing in the New Year!


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