Wanted: shovelers…


Garville Ave, Christmas Day, Dublin

Happy Christmas All!

The worst winter here in Dublin…guess we are in a new Ice Age. It’s aging me, that’s for sure.  This pic was taken from our 3rd floor office at home. 25 December, 2010.

I had to shovel the snow off the steps and path. When I was a kid in upstate NY, I earned lots of cash by clearing paths and driveways. All it took was a snow shovel and hard work. No salesmanship was required.   
Here in Dublin, no one was shoveling snow except homeowners. Where are the entrepreneurs, dammit!?  What were the unemployed doing? What’s this crap about the Celtic Tiger? Ho, ho, ho.   Or as Jackie Gleason used to say, “Hardy, Har, Har, Har”.

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