Meet the Parents? …The sick bowl, please!


David Furnish and Elton John: Elton John and partner turn Broadway producers

Yes, the Elton and David Show, Parenthood Today!  It’s unclear just who he biological father is, but, I guess, these two do not think it matters. Can’t wait to hear what they name it. Perhaps they should consult with Geldorf and give him a really dumb name.

You can be sure the surrogate mother will be revealing all in a month or two: “Why I gave birth to Elton’s baby”…let me guess –  a) The joy of motherhood?   b) The thrill of artificial insemination (had to be, right?)?        c) The pleasure of childbirth?   d)Dinner with Elton and David?

Isn’t the world just a bit cheaper this morning?



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