Waters babbling…


Dermot, the local handy man arrived this AM, unlocked an airlock and the heating system is back. Of course, the temperature today is 15 degrees (C) warmer than yesterday. So all is okay, for the nonce, except the house is starting to overheat.

Doctor business:  tomorrow I have an appointment with the Irish neurosurgeon so he can tell me that the constant severe pain in my right shoulder is not due to the VP shunt inserted last year, despite the fact that medical science will tell you that improper shunt installation can result in damage to the phrenic nerve (which runs up one’s left side) and if damaged (or severed) is known to cause severe shoulder pain and breathing problems (which I do not have).  

I have done my research, and you can imagine the alacrity with which the surgeon will agree with me that the cause of the pain is due to the damaged (or severed) phrenic nerve.  

“You are absolutely right, Mr Fitzpatrick, and I should have thought of it when you first complained of  it last two months ago. Let’s schedule laproscopic surgery to fix that asap!” 

Wonder if Dermot’s handy man skills extend to other areas? Like shoulders.


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