Nanny state…


Went to a pharmacist today for painkillers. Have you ver taken aspirin before, sir, asked the 22 year old clerk. “Gee,no, I got thru 64 years without it….” I mumbled. To which she replied, ” you know you should take no more than 5 per day, etc. ” 

<Oh, you mean I should not take all 40 tablets at one go, I thought. Sometimes the pharmacist comes out in person and tells me the same thing which tells me that the pharmacist is not too clued in with real life.  It's probably some dumb law enacted to protect aliens just landed from Mars who are not used to an interfering government. 

In the UK, it's worse. Being interrogated by high school freshmen about your medicine intake.    

The good news is that the headache and the tooth ache are toast…and I doubt if tomorrow AM I'll have the shakes as my poor body craves asperin.


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