I was doing some random surfing and mis-typed something and up came Regis Philbin.

A blast from the past….not that I ever willingly viewed his superficial talk show (in the US).  But if there ever was a waste of the power of television, it was the Regis Philbin show… he also had some airishheaded female co-host whose name eludes me, Kathy something who was married to a football jock.


I will be in Venice for a week in 2 weeks time while Laurie goes to Brighton to help her daughter, Sinead, with an about to be born baby.  Her (Laurie’s) fifth grandchild.  When I go to Venice it will be nice …visit the old haunts, see friends,  revisit favourite paintings, have a proper risotto (although Laurie makes a great risotto here in Dublin (probably the only authentic one here except Frank O’Halloran’s who lived in Italy longer than we did).

New news is that I have purchased a hearing aid so that I can more fully participate in human discourse.  A  reasonable  fear is that I will misplace it and require  another investment of 1,000 Euro.  I am not sure why hearing aids are not permanently fixed inside the ear – with glue, stitches, velcro,  or something, to prevent loss. I mean, new retinas are sewn in as are numerous other prosthetic devices, ahem.

  Laurie is writing the script for next year’s pantomime, Cinderella, and I am in the play, part,as yet, unknown. But I think it will be the role of a jerk (typecasting?), a yokel, a dufus, depending on the mood of the scriptwriter (my wife)  at the time. She has no confidence in my acting, and  reminds me that in the last show I had two short lines and blew  them.  So I fear my next role will be monosylabic.  No Hamlet-like soliloquies for me, alas.  Not that I could not carry one off, mind you.  Maybe I was cut out for mime, ala Marcel Marceau.

I you are in Venice in January. there will be 3 performances of  Cinderella at the teatro Santa Margherita in Campo  S. Margherita, Dorsoduro. look for the posters then. Also info will be published here. 

Dublin is very cold and Laurie and I sit by the fire every evening, sipping our aperitivi. If you are planning a visit to Dublin, bring the thermals.


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