TV Sucks.


This is what is wrong with America:  Stupid Television – it’s all mindless, especially  so-called news programs. I am an American, and am very embarrased by the fact that TV basically emanates from and dominates  American discourse. 

Could  anything be dumber than US TV? Seems to me a self respecting US citizen who got past the 9th grade, in order to avoid embarassment,  would leave his or her TV at the dump.

“News” programs are facile, slanted and self important. Sitcoms are puerile.


So-called comedies are not funny except to people in nursing homes and mental institutions.  Documenrtaries are anything but.  Political correctness corrupts intelligent discussion of important issues. Add to this stew a dash of  show business, racial balance, poor writing, “personalities”, and you get ….doo-doo. The mindless narcotic that sends millions of Americans to bed with wrong ideas and a numb brain.

Lecture over…


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