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Am heading to Venice in two weeks….meeting friends, consulting with Eric who took over Venice Art Tours, and I will be renewing my knowledge and love for La Bella Venezia. Also, bringing home to Dublin some kitchen items available only in Italia. And  looking forward to seeing the great Giovani Bellini paintings again – something […]

The Irish election for parliament (Dail) is over; the outcome was predictable. The most conservative party (Fine Gael) trounced the other parties (Labour (leftist) and the historical Fine Fail party (Nationalist), more centrist. Fine Gael won 70 seats in parliament, while Fine Fail managed  a mere 18. Labour (read socialist) won 36 seats.   The Green […]

The US has referred the Kadaffi thing to the UN Security Council. WOW! How bold! Well done, Hils (me, being ironic). See Max Boot on the UN (from Foreign Afffairs). : The UN is a huge waste of time and money, plus being a propaganda sounding board for dictators, communists, and their supporters. I can’t wait […]

Here are Mr Hitchens’s  salient words about Obama: “the futile squeakings of a cuckoo clock” (i.e., is he secretly Swiss?). Is Barack Obama Secretly Swiss? The administration’s pathetic, dithering response to the Arab uprisings has been both cynical and naive. By Christopher HitchensPosted Friday, Feb. 25, 2011, at 11:41 AM ET President Obama makes a […]

                                                                             A new dessert is here (well in the UK, anyway): breast  milk (human) ice cream. Ice cream made with breast milk has proved a big hit in a London restaurant, with the first batch sold out within days of going on sale, its makers said on Friday.  For some reason, it’s called Baby Gaga ice […]

More Ice, Darling?  Two years ago was supposed to be the year that the Arctic was going to lose “record” amounts of ice. In fact the “experts” were saying that the North Pole would be “ice free in 2008”. That did not  happen, in fact the North Pole now has  up to 30% more ice this […] Seems to me that to accomplish that requires hard work. But, believe it or not, it’s an improvement: last year the bank lost 6 billion. The bank explained: “RBS is now two years into its five year plan to restore the group to good health, and has made strong progress against its targets in […]