The most dangerous place…


The above is a mother’s womb with a fetus:  the most dangerous  place to be. Except, probably, the electric chair.. 

We have all been there and, thank God, we survived it. It’s not the A train on NYC’s Westside at midnight, nor is it in a boxing ring with Joe Frazier, not in a foxhole near Kandahar in Afghanistan…the place you do not want to be today happens to be inside a woman’s  womb in the UK or in America. God forbid there be your residence when your landlady decides not only to evict you, but to destroy you, to boot. Below is a sonogram of the cozy habitat of an about to be executed person by her or his landlady (mommy).  

 A notable statistic reported is that in repeated studies since the early 1980s, leading experts have concluded that abortion does not pose a hazard to women’s mental health.

But what about mention of hazard the baby’s mental or physical health where there is an enormous and fatal hazard.  In 2008, 2.1 million fetuses were legally destroyed in the USA From 1973 though 2008; 50 million legal abortions were were carried out in the USA. By comparison, look at the statistics the Nazis were able to put up on their scoreboard:

 The estimated total number of people killed in the extermination camps is 2,814,500. Pffft! You call that killing?

         Auschwitz–Birkenau: 1.1 Million (estimated) 

  • Treblinka: about 700,000–800,000 

         Bełżec: about 434,500 

  • Sobibór: about 167,000–250,000 

 The image displayed is a sonogram of  a 12 week old fetus  in his or her (12 weeks) in the mother’s womb. 12 Weeks is usually the window of opportunity for abortionists.


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