Off to Venezia…


Am heading to Venice in two weeks….meeting friends, consulting with Eric who took over Venice Art Tours, and I will be renewing my knowledge and love for La Bella Venezia.

Also, bringing home to Dublin some kitchen items available only in Italia. And  looking forward to seeing the great Giovani Bellini paintings again – something I did every day for the ten years we lived in Venice.

I am curious if my Italian will hold up. Not sure. Sometimes Laurie and I speak in Italian in a public area here in Dublin when we wish to conceal the subject  of our conversation.

I recall doing that in high school when we  (soi disant) boulevardiers in the Bronx would speak in Latin on the bus going home so the proles nearby could not understand us. Ita?

I will be getting a haircut in Venice from my usual barber. This fellow, for a barber, was uncommunicative. When there , I tried to make an effort, often, but failed. Friends to whom I recommended this barber also reported  that they felt they were in the cone of silence, to remind you of Maxwell Smart.

I shall enter his shop, after a ten year absence, and he will say nothing, no dove stava (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?)….watch this space in a few weeks. There will be no surprise reaction on his part.

I do know that at Ristorante da Gianni on the Zattere I will get the big welcome since Laurie and I ate there twice a week and we knew la senora and all the waiters (Bruno, Sergio, Alfonso) well. I even know what I will order…some things do not change.

I look forward to a reunion with my expat USA, Italian and  Brit friends. I am sorry that Laurie will not be with me.  La promissa volta, espero….

On Sunday I will visit Jeremy Magorian’s pad where USA and UK expats meet for tea and gossip. (If I remember where Jeremy lives).

I will go to the Greek Church on Sunday and say hello to the priests (Papa Nicola, and Papa Benjamin). Our old friend Papa Policarpo from the Greek Church was made archbishop of Spain and Portugal, so he won’t be around. He was our confessor and we miss him, but we have no intentions of relocating to Madrid.


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