IRA goes to the USA


St.Patrick’s Day approaches and the IRA will use it as a big fund-raising opportunity in the US.  The IRA has successfully conned millions of people of  Irish descent in America into believing that supporting the IRA, a terrorist organisation, and its terrorist leader, Jerry Adams, is somehow helping the Irish people.

 Terrorist leader Jerry Adams

The fact is that the Irish people, i.e., those who live here, (in Ireland) almost unanimously (Catholic and Protestant) , despise and condemn the IRA – it gives Ireland a bad name, it kills innocent people. It is “fighting” a make believe war against its old enemy, England. And doing so by planting bombs…see this video of the Manchester (UK) bombing by the IRA.

or look at this:

 Or this

Then there was the dreadful Omagh bombing by the splinter group calling itself  “The Real IRA”.  13 August 1998:  29 dead: 

Jerry Adams regularly travels to the US to sell his bogus propaganda to gullible believers in Boston, New York, and Chicago. Imagine if Yassir Arafat did the same. Josef Stalin or Idi Amin? Or Kim Il Jong?  Adams is worse than the aforementioned. And uglier.

I knew many  ignorant people who thought just because they were of Irish grand-parentage that they should contribute cash to Adams and his murdering henchmen. Sadly, they continue to do so. Shame on them. Below is the ugly face of terror – Jerry Adams. And what’s this “resistance” crap on the placard on the lectern?  (He still fighting  the Brits!).  Jerry, you are a douchebag, as my classmates in the Bronx are wont to say.  The only thing he has to resist is being arrested and jailed or blowing himself up, accidentally.  another IRA triumph here:

Here’s a recap of IRA propaganda:


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