A Week in Venice…


As some of you may know, Laurie left Dublin to visit children in the UK and I went Eastward to Venice to reacquaint myself with La Bella Venezia and some of its inhabitants.

It was an exhausting week for me. Walking most of the time (not something done too much in Dublin). What made it worse was that my memory difficulties caused me to get lost too often in Venice. The irony is that for 10 years that we lived there, every day I conducted tours and knew every square meter of Venice, every shop, calle, vaporetto stop, and a sizable percentage of its merchants, bar owners, ex-pats, etc. 

This past week. often I had to ASK Venetians  for directions. How humiliating is that?

On the plus side: I met the old gang – mostly expats like myself, but some Italians, too;  had many meals and drinks in familiar haunts. No day went by when someone (Venetian or ex pat) did not stop me and ask me where I had been! “Dublino!”, they exclaim, but  I am afraid, as the novelist, Thomas Wolfe wrote, “You can’t go home again”. It’s impossible to return to the confines of your previous way of life, and, more generally, to attempt to relive past  memories as it will always fail and disappoint, alas.

There was a bar that Laurie and I and friends frequented daily in Campo S. Margherita, run by  a dour Venetian whom we nicknamed “the little man”. He never greeted us when we lived there, so my expectations on my return were low. When I entered the bar and ordered my cappuccino, he actually smiled. No Buon Giorno, or Benvenuto!  No dove era? (Where were you?)Amazing. Maybe he has been snorting coke, or his wife dumped him, or he won the lottery. Chi sa? So I got a smile out of him.

some pics of  la bella Venezia

basilica_san_marco.jpg (157281 Byte) Italy pictures, Venice, Venedig, Venezia Basilica San Marco, Italia                                                     

San Marco Basilica                                                             entrance  to a calle


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