The costliest place in Europe…


Is Dublin…

Transport (esp taxis), dentists, doctors, newspapers, booze.

I can’t back this assertion with hard evidence (government reports, etc.), just by day to day living here: anecdotal evidence.  Although Derek, my barber, here in Dublin, charges only 12 euro (cut-rate? ha ha)  whereas my guy in Venice asked 20 euro last week when I was there.  But I think my Italian guy was over-charging me and that Derek is not monitoring the market as well as he should.

I may have blogged about this before – but I think the high prices are a refusal on the part of Ireland to acknowledge that the Celtic Tiger years of boom and prosperity are dead, like O’Leary in the grave, and that, therefore, the ordinary economic laws of supply and demand have been suspended by the vendors and, I guess, by the buyers. In other words, the Irish are in denial. It is difficult to understand why those economic laws don’t seem to be kicking in, however.

Where is Adam Smith when you need him?

I visited a dentist today for a hurting tooth. He looked at it, x-rayed it, made an appt for me to see an endodontist- and charged me 90 euro. Guess I was too used to the Italian bargains. Also guess I should have gone to good old Dentista Brunello in Venezia last week when I was there.

A gin and tonic at a bar here, on average,  is 10 Euro!


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