I never dreamed I’d say this…


But Martin McGuinness, IRA (Sein Fein) leader with Jerry Adams, said something astonishing:


“Dissident republicans are living in a fool’s paradise if they think they can re-unite Ireland by violence, Martin McGuinness has insisted.”  Forgive me, but, gee whiz, isn’t that what McGuinness and Adams were thinking five years ago? 

Addressing a traditional republican commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising, the Sinn Féin figurehead said the action of the renegades was futile, stupid and selfish.

Claiming the countdown was on to a united Ireland, Stormont’s Deputy First Minister told crowds at Loup, Co Derry that it had to be achieved peacefully and democratically and with unionist support.

He also rejected claims from the extremists that they were the true IRA.

All I can say is BRAVO,  Martin!  During the troubles, whenever I heard on TV or radio McGuinness or his sidekick Jerry Adams justify the latest IRA murder, it was time to retch. Also, Bravo to the people of Northern Ireland, Catholic and Protestant for their patience and forebearance.

It must be nice to get on a bus in Belfast or Derry and know it’s not carrying a bomb. And it’s not necessary to slide mirrors beneath it to check for explosives. How sweet it is! 

Laurie and I were in Belfast a few months ago and visited both the Catholic and Unionist areas and there was a palpable tension in each, probably engendered by the militant posters supporting and depicting the UVF and the IRA in action.


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