problemitising IS A word now, sorry to say.


Problemitising !!!! I encountered this (apparent) neologism in a fairly illiterate blog discovered while surfing.  But it is full of bogosity (yes, I know, another neologism). And I hate it. I wish the English language to remain static, i.e., in the same way I learned it and was taught to speak and write it. Am I asking too much? I am casting about looking for blame…TV, newspapers, radio, street jive, rap music…?    

Sorry, I’ll crawl back to the 16th century. Fare thee well…H

P.S. One of my fav neologisms is “douchebag”  which I use frequently in speech and writing, describing  uneducated ***holes.  This was a common word (douchebag – abbreviated to “douche” among the cognoscenti in my high school social circles in the 60’s)  used in the Bronx where I grew up…but still used among a coterie of like-minded wordsmiths.  e.g., “he’s a douche”..or he’s a douchebag. Here in Venice I have introduced the word to some American acquaintances who have found the word accurate and  useful.

English is a living language.

Here is the wikipedia definition, if you can bear it:


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