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In Dublin….to prove my insanity, we decided to attend the thoroughbred races at Leopardstown Racecourse, Dublin. The decision turned out, for me, to be the triumph of hope over experience. There were seven races and two punters (Laurie and I). Handicapper Laurie won two races and recouped 50 percent of her investment. I, on the […]

Well, I know zilch about Ms Winehouse except that apparently her alcoholic name seems appropriate, after I saw this in-store camera video of the rocker. Note: upon consumption and departing,  she puts the empty bottle on the counter as if she were in a bar.

So we arrive in Greece and we see IRA propaganda a day later.  Thought we had left that crap behind in Dublin…. Idiots!  Okay, so it’s a light  coloured wine; use your Homeric imagination. We saw Homer’s “wine-dark sea”, the Aegean,  but, of course, it  looked blue-green, so I guess Homer  wrote that line during […]

The formerly important horse-race, the Preakness (part of the triple crown), has been trivialised: here is the story:

BBC bias Most of my American readers and friends know the BBC as a manufacturer of quality period dramas.  In Britain, where it is state owned, and has a near monopoly on broadcasting, it is known as a conduit of left wing propaganda (through its “news” programs, its “dramas”, and its “documentaries”). Its “reporters” and […]

Yes, Elizabeth the Queen is this very moment in Dublin. She will be in Ireland for four days, visiting Dublin,  Kildare, and Cork City. Here is the news report: The Queen has arrived in the Irish Republic for the start of an historic state visit – despite the discovery of two suspect devices in Dublin earlier […]

Shall we rejoice that Mr Strauss Kahn is headed for the slammer?  Yes,  he’s  a sex offender in a world where obtaining sex is as easy as boarding a bus or walking into a Seven-Eleven.  Or no, he’s an arrogant sick dude. It takes a criminal (or ill) mind to force sex  on someone else. […]