Sunday in Dublin…”Cristos voskrese”


Yep, it’s Sunday and we did attend the Divine Liturgy at the Orthodox (Russian) church of  Sts Peter and Paul, here in Dublin. We have a lovely warmish spring day today and the church was packed. Mostly Russians but also a small smattering of Irish and other non-Russians.

There are a lot of Russians living in Ireland. Most of them speak English, keeping in mind that they work here and that their kids are attending English speaking schools.  

One of the best things ( for me, anyway) is to see the so cute  little four year old Russian girls wearing head scarves just like their mothers do. Although, not infrequently, a couple of those Russian moms wear inappropriate skirts and tops. What can you do?

The majority of the Russian men at church wear jeans. I guess jeans are fashionable in the USSR.  

Two hours on my feet for the service  and a 25 minute walk home all but did me in for the afternoon. 

The Cristos Voskrese is the phonetic of  Church Slavonic for “Christ is Risen!”. It is usually bellowed by the priest numerous times during the liturgy in this post-Easter period and the entire congregation respond loudly with Vaistino Vaskrase! (“He is Risen indeed!) .

The liturgy here is in Church Slavonic (let’s call it Russian). Our priests here are Russian, although they do speak English – which is useful for the rite of confession. The Russian Orthodox Church in Cambridge (UK) has only English services as does Oxford and the Cathedral in London has some services in English and also in Slavonic.  As I mentioned above, most Russians here speak English – so I ask why is the service in Russian-Church Slavonic? What happened to the idea of integrating  yourself with one’s  adopted country? 

Our church building was at one time a Church of Ireland church (akin to the Church of England). But as those congregations dwindled and eventually disappeared, the buildings were purchased by other denominations, including the Orthodox Church, but also by Pentacostals and others. Some were turned into sports centres and some into restaurants.   

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