The Archbishop speaks…hunh??


Above is the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.  He opined yesterday on the killing of Bin Laden…

Here are two of his statements:

1.   The killing of Osama bin Laden while he was not armed has left him (the Archbishop) with “a very uncomfortable feeling”. AN UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING??!!  Is this he best reaction the head o the Anglican Church can offer?

Then, the Archbishop goes on to clarify things:

2. “But I do believe that in such circumstances when we are faced with someone who was manifestly a war criminal in terms of the atrocities  inflicted,  it is important that justice is seen to be served.”   

Hunh? Of course, the archbishop is confusing vengence with justice.  How odd…And what’s this “seen to be served” ? Is it all for PR? Let just  serve justice by appearing to serve it…, then it’s okay. Keep the baying masses happy?  I was under the impression that archbishops acknowledged divine justice imposed by a higher authority and that archbishops would not be concerned with the appearances of justice on this earth, meaning revenge.      

Well?  What’s it to be, Rowan? One or the other? Unarmed murder or justice? Or is it just your Anglican wishy-washiness  on display? I think this is what is called cognitive dissonance- holding opposing views simultaneously.

Speaking of uncomfortable feelings, the archbishop himself  leaves me with an uncomfortable feeling…..


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