Greek Moments…


So we arrive in Greece and we see IRA propaganda a day later.  Thought we had left that crap behind in Dublin…. Idiots! 

Okay, so it’s a light  coloured wine; use your Homeric imagination.

We saw Homer’s “wine-dark sea”, the Aegean,  but, of course, it  looked blue-green, so I guess Homer  wrote that line during his blind period. I can hear Homer asking his secretary and driver, “Scott, what colour is the water?”

“Kinda dark…” he says, laughing.

“Kinda dark? Green? Blue, WHAT?”

“What do I know – you’re the poet!”

“Yeah,  and you’re a jerk – good thing you’re my nephew.”

Here’s the perp walk:

In the Orthodox Church, the priest walks the bride and groom down the aisle – holding their hands…here are Theophana and Costa, so doing, priest between them.  Laurie and I did this 13 years ago, not in Greece, but in Cambridge, UK.  Happy Day!


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