Last night was for music, in particular, jazz.  Yeah, I know you were expecting me to talk about Irish music….but no, it was jazz, at the National Concert Hall here in Dublin.

We heard the Irish version of Mel Torme, the great US jazz singer. His name is Cormac Kenevey (he has a I saw and heard Torme live in New York numerous times…and last night’s show  was a great show, really good.  backing musicians, appreciative audience, lots of  Cole Porter, (he admits using, from my recollection, one or two Marty Paich arrangements). (; Paich was one of Torme’s arrangers.

I should point out that Cormac spoke English with a Dublin accent, but he sang with an American accent which made sense.

The bass player, pianist, and drummer were all top quality musicians. So, I guess me leaving New York was not so bad after all. No one in the audience wanted to hear Danny Boy, i.e., there were no tourists there last night.


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