Joyce matters….


As you might guess, James Joyce is a big name here in Dublin. His novel Ulysses revolutionised the novel. Thursday is Bloomsday here – the fictional day in Ulysses when Leopold Bloom does his famous walk around Dublin, 16 June, 1914. The novel is based on Homer’s OdysseyDuring that walk Bloom runs into Stephen Dedalus (Joyce himself) and the two stick together, exchanging ideas and observations: topical, philosophical,  sexual, political. It is a day when numerous groups re-create their peregrinations. As an example, Davy Byrne’s Pub serves gorgonzola sandwiches. Also, that day, you’ll see lots of academics – English profs- leading students on Joyce tours. Laurie and I have lunch in Davy Byrne’s often on weekends – but not tomorrow.


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