Dumb in Dublin…the spire


The Spire is an uninspiring “sculpture” commissioned by the Dublin City Council to “celebrate” the Millenium which commenced a few years back, you will recall.

The word priapism comes to my mind whenever I am on O’Connell Street.  The sculpture is  quite ugly and says absolutely nothing about Dublin  but says an awful lot about government’s attitude to tossing away taxpayer money and I mean by that not only Irish taxpayers, but EU ones as well.

The building on the left is the General Post Office, made famous in the 1916 Easter Rising when Irish patriots (rebels) engaged the British in target shooting. The pillars on the GPO are riddled with bullet holes and scars.

The Spire has acquired some Dublin nicknames: “The Syringe on the Fringe”, “The Stiletto in the Ghetto”, and (rudely) “The Stiffy on the Liffey”. What were the city fathers smoking or drinking the day they chose this stupidity?

Maybe the testosterone was in full flow?

Can’t wait till the IRA blows it up (or down) as well. Some  detumescence  on O’Connell Street is needed. Do Dublin a favour.




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