Obama parties like it’s 1999
Posted by Laura Ingraham
Happy Birthday, Mr. President. We’d toast to your 50 years, but we already have a vicious hangover from the latest 500 point drop in the Dow. As you enjoyed another big ticket birthday fundraiser in Chicago, regular folks were seeing their 401(k)s evaporate, their real estate values plunge, and their business prospects wane.

Any decent CEO with your track record would know that it’s time to change course, reexamine strategies, and fire top advisers. But you, who have never worked in business a day in your life, think it’s time to double down on the same moronic policies that hurt economic growth and lead to more instability in American markets. Did you learn that practical thinking at Harvard Law? At Columbia? If so, those “educational” institutions should lose their accreditation immediately.

President Obama is reportedly urging his Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to stay on through the election. (!!) Geithner has been an unmitigated disaster, as has Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. Both should be fired immediately. But not by Obama’s thinking–actually cites both men as key to his administration’s economic “accomplishments.” What accomplishments are those? Obscenely high unemployment? Oppressively steep gas prices? America’s weakened global stature? Lord save us.

Oh, and if the President had any sense of optics and, frankly, propriety, he would have cancelled this week’s birthday fetes. Or are we the only ones who are supposed to sacrifice, Mr. President?


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