KISSES…and a big daddy riot in Londra


During the big wedding, I happened to be at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin undergoing two MRIs.  In the waiting room, the Royal marriage was on the TV and attracting great attention from people waiting to be seen (like I) and from hospital staff who left their posts and wandered into the waiting room-area to catch snippets of this event.

In fact, a nurse came out looking of the next scheduled patient for an xray or MRI. It happeed to be an older woman who was glued to the wedding on the boob tube in the waiting area. She seemed reluctant to go to her appointment – so I told the nurse I was happy to volunteer to go in her place (I had been waiting 90 minutes – (she longer). Done deal…like something out of a concentration camp movie when a noble prisoner volunteers himself for execution so a family man (newlywed), etc.  can be saved.

Anyway, back to kisses…I have never seen two such pathetic kisses as those Prince William gave to the new Mrs Windsor or is it Cambridge?  I encourage readers to search the net and look at it. The kiss(?)

And to really cheer you. look at a part of the Londom Riots-


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