Stay away from the UK!!!


In case you local newspaper has no interest in international events, be advised that you should curtail or cancel your trip to Britain this month or year. Forget the Beefeaters, buy a bottle. The Union Jack? Burn it. The queen? Sympathise with her and her people.

Hooliganism, anti social behavour,  is  ubiquitous. The police are stretched beyond their means.  Do not holiday in London or Manchester this year, avoid demonstrations or marches. Cambridge and Oxford should be okay….maybe.  Avoid Brighton and any northern Industrial city. Probably best to avoid “guy” pubs – don’t want a political row with a drunk Brit – lots of them around.

(Drink is an important motivator in the UK – guess it replaces testosterone. Young men, esp fueled by drink, have large chips on their shoulders.

Probably best to leave the I (heart) USA tee at home.  Same for the USA baseball caps.

Don’t get me wrong, my grandparents (and my wife) were born here and I appreciate 75% of British culture and mores (excluding the drunkenness).


Okay, above I have drawn a line under what I wrote – and it is to tell you that that line separates the UK from Ireland where conviviality prevails, where Americans are welcome, and where you’re never short of hospitality and good conversation, to say nothing of lovely landscape, short distances, and good crac.  (Ask an Irishman for a definition of that word.)



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