Triumph of hope…


our front doorI do know that our lives have changed and is different than our Venetian life, food, customs, language (of course), customs,  other life issues – cars, buses, no gondolas. There is a river in Dublin, called the Liffey, and it effectively bisects Dublin. But it has no life – unlike the Grand Canal which is the thoroughfare  in Venice as well as being the Fifth and Park Avenues of Venice.

A big change that has happened so far has been the weather.  Right now it is 26 C in Venice and it is 10 C here in Dublin. Not unexpected, but …oh boy!

We have also found that new arrivals are , well new arrivals…i.e., have to be assimilated into social circles. i.e., unlike the welcome wagon approach of Americans in America. But we’ll soldier on. Although I have never had Fenian dispositions, maybe I should join the local Apprentice Boys lodge; Laurie can join the woman’s auxiliary.  Her British citizenship might create an impediment, however, for her (and for me).

In Italy we made friends easily – with expats, of course, but also with Italians. I guess here we’re just another Irish face and name.  Our American and other friends from Venice have promised to visit us – we have room here.

Today, by the way, as I look out my office window, could be a Venetian day. A solid blue sky, a strip of cirrus cloud off to the right, but who cares? Sun is bouncing for the red brick Victorian  houses across the road.

We live in Rathgar, a leafy suburb of Dublin, birthplace of James Joyce and essentially inhabited in the 18th and 19th centuries by British bureaucrats and workers who ran Ireland on behalf of the British Empire. The architecture is  consistently Georgian with lots of red brick.


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