Idiocy time…


In Britain. footballers (league soccer players) get paid extraordinary salary amounts. Obscene, actually. Their income is also augmented by sponsorship deals, too. (Cars, soft drinks, whatever their agents can scrounge up).

Arsenal is a Premier League football (Soccer)  team located in London. The Premier League, as its name suggests, is the superior league in the UK and has the best teams and, concomitantly, the best players.

Arsenal Football Club recently sold one of  its stars to another Premier League team. The player is player called  Samir Nasri (born 1984).  The sale price paid by Manchester City Football Club was 23,000,000 pounds ($37,669,000) (!).

It was announced that Nasri’s weekly salary at Manchester City will be (gulp) £170,000 per week ($278,421). Nice work for a two hour football match, hunh?

Yes, I know that taxes in Britain border on confiscatory, ….but can Nasri  make a living on that?


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