Generally speaking, here in Dublin, a person is shot to death or stabbed every night. Yeah, it sounds like Los Angeles, right?

Throughout Dublin, there are dreadful housing estates, often controlled by criminal gangs, where crime and brutality is rife.  Many people living there (not all) are criminals, especially the youths who are uneducated, stupid, fatherless and/or motherless, and unemployed, drug addicted…. The parents of these youths had the same background, naturally. It takes a special individual and family to enable a member to escape this horrible cycle. Some do, most do not.

The pejorative nickname for these dolts here is “knackers”.   They are not unlike, in language, dress,  and other details, the gang members you see in current films depicting inner city life, especially in America. Theses gangs make the Sharks gang in Westside Story look like Boy Scouts or Franciscan monks.

Here is the wikipedia definition….

In modern usage – especially in Ireland, the word has come to describe both those of an Irish Traveller background, as well as those from lower-class backgrounds who tend to engage in anti-social behaviour. In this sense, the usage of the word knacker is akin to the usage of the term chav in the United Kingdom.


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