squatters or “travelers”


In England and in Europe there exists an illegal phenomenom called squatting. Except it’s not exactly illegal…The perps of squatting tend to be gypsies or left-over hippies from the sixties who are convinced that the world and the state owe them housing and a living.

Here is what squatting entails. One or some members of the groups mentioned above notice that nearby is an unoccupied house – either up for sale or rent, or under renovation.

This information is duly reported to the group as a whole. The group, collect their meagre possessions, kids, animals, and promptly move into the house, lock, stock, barrell, kids and goats.

The owner of the house, usually, has no recourse in law, at least in the UK, to stop this,.Needless to say, the house is trashed, furniture used for firewood, outdoor toilets improvised…get the picture. Police are hamstrung – human rights and all that.

Here’s an unbelievable article article about the law’s attitude to property in the UK.them:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2033944/Judge-orders-Camden-Council-publish-list-homes.html

When I see this idiocy, I am reminded of John of Gaunt’s speech in Shakespeare’s Richard II -“England who was want to conquer others has made a shameful conquest of herself, and I die pronouncing it.


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