Laurie and I must have watched the BBC video of Tinker, Tailor, starring Alec Guinness as George Smily about 1oo times.

Today we saw at the cinema the new  film version, starring Colin Firth and other worthies…and it was fantastically good, we think better than the BBC one. The excitement was still there, the characters were authentic, the acting terrific, and was less TV-ish.

The good news is that Smiley got his man in the end.   Speaking of getting your man, the movie version has Peter Guillam, Smiley’s loyal right hand, as being gay. Violating both the book and the TV movie. Connie Sachs, I am happy to report, is not a Lesbian in the new version. Jim Prideaux’s role and importance in the movie seems diminished.


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