political correctness, UK style…


You may have never heard of a British footballer (soccer) player named John Terry. But this side of the mighty Atlantic he has become notorious, at least in the press. Did he emulate Jack the Ripper? Was he a British Lee Harvey Oswald? Or Jesse James?, or Son of Sam? Afraid not.His crime was described as a hate crime by the press…he called a black team-mate a N——R. Yep that’s not quite a capital offense here….yet. Fortunately for Terry and other uneducated dumbos. Anyway, one should not expect too much from footballers, except goals.

I have a suitably ignorant relative in New York who uses a wide vocabulary of similar sobriquets. What can you do? He is a walking -talking thesaurus of obnoxious racial put-downs. I have this idea that some day in his favourite local Bronx bar he will be shot to death for one of his off the cuff  nouns.



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