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Well, it’s winter in Dublin, and you cannot say (in your best Irish brogue), “Tis a soft day, Thank God!”

A soft day requires rain and it feels like snow today. Definitely a day to sit by the fireplace and keep it stoked. If lucky, I can keep it going till evening and then have the obligatory martini, thus, being warmed internally and externally.

Speaking of warmth, our heating system needed repair and within 3 days the plumber-handy man arrived and set things right – a cold 3 days. but the fp’s work, as does the gin.  . 

Laurie is working on a new novel, of which the theme and story line I am not privy.

Have just been informed that the heating system is not functioning – heading to the shed to bring in firewood – again. O tempore! O Mores!


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