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Is Dublin… Transport (esp taxis), dentists, doctors, newspapers, booze. I can’t back this assertion with hard evidence (government reports, etc.), just by day to day living here: anecdotal evidence.  Although Derek, my barber, here in Dublin, charges only 12 euro (cut-rate? ha ha)  whereas my guy in Venice asked 20 euro last week when I was […]

The cuts…


Trafalgar Square recently saw the vermin (i.e., radicalised “students”) creep out to demonstrate their horror of the government not spending money. Unfortunately, Ed Milliban, the Socialist leader decided to address the mob of criminals, saying much about the Labour party’s tolerance of outright criminality and chaos. See the next blog for a thorough analysis…

Here is the Telegraph’s Ed West’s take on the idiocy of  Trafalgar Square last week. Be sure to digest the anarchist’s moronic political philosophy statement further down…what does this say about an English university education? Shouldn’t anarchists be in favour of cutting the size of the state? By Ed West Politics Last updated: March 28th, 2011 […]

       Above are: agondolier awaiting Americans, gondola on Grand Canal, Grand Canal at night, parked gondolas near S Marco, Gondolas with S.Maria della Salute in distance, Gondola almost beneath the Bridge of Sighs.                                                  ********************  A week in Venice went well – met good friends, lots of good meals (too many), reacquainted with a beautiful […]

As some of you may know, Laurie left Dublin to visit children in the UK and I went Eastward to Venice to reacquaint myself with La Bella Venezia and some of its inhabitants. It was an exhausting week for me. Walking most of the time (not something done too much in Dublin). What made it worse […]

The President Takes a Bogey Is Obama a president playing golf, or a golfer playing president? From Jonah Goldberg…  I’ve figured out Obama. He’s not a Muslim, he’s a golfer! That’s a reference to Russell Kirk’s semi-famous retort to the conspiratorial nuts who insisted that Dwight Eisenhower was a secret Commie. The revered conservative intellectual […]

March 18, 2011 12:00 A.M. Obama’s Selective Anger From National Review: The president is mum about the Palestinian culture that celebrates savagery. President Obama is known for his cool. Some of his associates call him “No Drama Obama.” And certainly in the realm of foreign policy, his response to events has been phlegmatic. The Iranian […]